Health Promotion

We encourage all our patients to share responsibility for their health, both in preventing disease and in treating existing diseases. Many of the most serious diseases can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle and without the need of drugs. Our experienced nurses are able to offer advice on weight management and dietary advice, incorporating lifestyle aims on exercise, alcohol awareness and smoking cessation. 

Baby clinic

Child Surveillance

Child Health Clinics are for the assessment of well children, checking their appropriate development, weight and immunisation schedule. Please do not ask for an ill child to be seen in this clinic, if you are concerned your child may be ill you will need to see a GP.  Baby Clinic is run by our Health Visitors on a Tuesday morning.  On hold at present (Health Visitor 01633 492455)

Family Planning

Incorporating the contraceptive Implant clinic

All our doctors are able to provide contraceptive advice and initiate treatment at a routine surgery. Ongoing follow-up and re-issue together with administering of contraceptive ‘injection’ or ‘implant’, can be undertaken by our trained nurses. Long-acting reversible contraception methods are more reliable and easier to use than traditional contraceptive pills. Emergency Contraception within 72 hours, can be obtained from pharmacies without a prescription. We also fit IUD coils and this can be arranged with Dr J Evans.

Cervical Smears

Only after a Health Authority invite to attend

A cervical screening test (otherwise known as a smear test) is a method of detecting abnormal cells on the cervix. The cervix is the entrance to the womb from the vagina. It’s a test to check the health of the cells of the cervix. The aim of the testing program is to reduce the number of women who develop cancer by detecting any early abnormal changes. All women over 25 years will be invited by the Health Authority every 3 years until the are 50 years old Thereafter they are re-called every 5 years until aged 65 years, when the recall stops. The Health Authority will advise when you are due and will refuse a test taken too soon.

Antenatal Clinic

Managed by Community Midwives, but held at our Surgery

Antenatal Care begins since your pregnancy has reached 8 weeks, at which point you are advised to contact reception to make an appointment with your designated midwife. Antenatal care will be undertaken mostly by the midwife, but you are also able to see your GP if there are any problems or your care may be transferred to hospital antenatal clinic should the requirement arise. The midwife will contact you directly to arrange any date and times of attendance at her clinics held at St Julians Medical Centre but her clinics are run on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.   It is recommended that for most women intending to become pregnant and also up to the 12th week of pregnancy, to take Folic acid 400 microgram supplements daily, to prevent the risk of spina bifida.

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